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The plug and play retail analytics data warehouse and reporting platform.

Made Easy

tRS streamlines data analysis and reporting for apparel, footwear and lifestyle brands retailers by integrating essential data from ERP, POS, general ledger, budgets, store traffic, e-commerce, store staffing, and payroll into a fully managed data warehouse.
This integration facilitates comprehensive, dynamic reporting that informs decision-making across the entire business, offering a transparent view of performance without the complexity and potential errors from manual data compilation.

Uses tRS

Data Analysts
The Retail Score solution is designed for the entire organisation to use.
Retail OPS
Supply Chain

We Provide

A fully managed Data Warehouse as a service (DWaaS) that integrates
all your data and creates a single version of the truth.

Automatic integration of your disparate data sources for one version of the truth
One place to go for accurate, consistent and harmonized data
Built in best practice reporting and KPI dashboards and full access to the item level data
Fully integrated applications for merchandise planning, store operations and analytics
Full service: no hosting, maintenance or database charges

How It

We don’t just provide numbers; we craft insights. Tailored for retail and wholesale, our approach revolutionizes how you see and use data, propelling your business into the future.
We build your data warehouse
We create KPI dashbords and reports
We give you the tools to analyze the data
We manage the entire solution
We update it daily

Customer Capabilities

One version of the truth
One data source for the enterprise updated daily
Comprehensive KPI Dashboard
Your most important KPI’s and reports at your fingertips
Full detail reporting and analytics
Automated, accurate, and easy-to-build reports
Easy data export
Feed other applications with scheduled data exports

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