Retail Intelligence For

The Enterprise

Managed Data warehouse with Tools designed specifically for the Retail and Wholesale industry

Workforce Management

We deliver fully managed data warehouses for our clients, a single repository for the critical data necessary to run a retail operation.

Take advantage of a range of pre-configured and customizable data converters that are tailor-made for your ERP and other critical data assets.

One Analytics Platform for All Departments

Company-wide, end to end insights.

A purpose-built platform to easily analyse and measure performance, across a range of retail measures that drive success. We believe this is retail intelligence. Data-driven insights that empower your organisation to make the decisions that reduce risk and deliver the greatest ROI.

Why TRS?

Analytical Tools

We provide purpose-built analytical solutions for the different roles within your organisation.

ROI Focused

Rather than a high-cost consultancy model, our syndicated expertise is both affordable and ROI focused.

Business Focused

Whilst our focus is solving the business problems, we understand the need to work within the policies, processes and operational constraints that underpin all IT departments.

Security/24/7 Monitoring

Hosted in Azure with A+ security posture. We understand business isn’t just a 9-5 operation, so we ensure our team is monitoring your data feed around the clock.

An integrated, single version of the truth

A managed data warehouse bringing all of your information assets together, with dozens of supported integrations to complement your core ERP data. A platform that gives key stakeholders confidence in the numbers regardless of what tools they use to consume the data.

Our Apparel Clients

Our Footwear & Accessories Clients

Our Home & Lifestyle Clients

The Retail Score solution is designed for the entire organisation to use.

The Retail Score

Built from the ground up to support every stakeholder across the business – from retailer to wholesaler and pure play ecommerce.

Benefit from syndicated reporting designed specifically for the retail and wholesale industry.

We built this by working with hundreds of industry professionals long period of time. We didn’t build it over night!

Know where to look to get the greatest return on your data insights.