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Unlocking the business potential of your data

Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) for Apparel and Lifestyle Brands

Transform Your Data into a Strategic Asset
Integrating data from diverse sources such as ERP, POS, general ledger, and budget information isn’t just a task—it’s the cornerstone of success for both forward-thinking retailers and wholesalers. The tRS Data warehouse was designed for the specific needs of fashion retailers and wholesalers: a fully managed, cloud-based Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS).

Why Choose DWaaS?

Unified Data, Unmatched Insights: DWaaS is not merely about data storage. It represents a paradigm shift, transforming fragmented datasets into a cohesive, actionable strategy that drives business growth. Offering a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective platform, DWaaS empowers you to store, process, and analyze vast arrays of complex data, ranging from ERP systems to intricate digital marketing analytics.

Your Data, Your Control: All your data sources converge into a single, transparent, and reliable view. Eliminate discrepancies and inconsistencies, and embrace a unified version of the truth that aligns perfectly with your goals for topline sales, operational efficiencies, and gross margin improvements.

The Retail Score

Industry-Specific Tailored Solutions: With tRS, you receive much more than a data warehouse; you gain a strategic partner deeply versed in the fabric of your industry. Our solution is not just built; it’s crafted, with industry-specific data models that deeply understand and interpret the nuances of fashion cycles, size variations, color trends, and supply chain complexities.

Scalable and Adaptable to Your Needs: Your market is dynamic and ever-changing; your data solution should be equally adaptable. No matter the size of your enterprise, be it ten stores or over a thousand, our platform scales with your growth, ensuring that technological constraints never stifle your expansion.

Cost-Effective and Efficiency-Driven: Embrace a groundbreaking solution that minimizes both upfront costs and the intricacies of ongoing maintenance. DWaaS is designed to ensure your resources are utilized with optimal efficiency, leading to substantial cost savings and a notably improved bottom line.

Simplicity Meets Robust Security: We offer a single, integrated solution that not only simplifies your data management processes but is also fortified with robust security measures. These measures tirelessly protect your data at every stage, from initial collection to final analysis, ensuring peace of mind.

Comprehensive Features
at Your Fingertips

Seamless Integration for Holistic Understanding: Our platform doesn’t just integrate; it weaves together essential data from ERPs, eCommerce platforms, payroll systems, store traffic analytics, and digital marketing efforts. This creates a comprehensive view of your business, laying the foundation for strategic decision-making and effective management.

Real-Time Reporting for Dynamic Decision-Making: With tRS, your data is not just current; it’s cutting-edge. Frequent updates ensure you have the latest insights at your fingertips, enabling dynamic reporting and informed decision-making that keeps you ahead of the curve.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs: Access our tRS Portal and tRS Cubed for analysis and reporting that’s not just advanced but also tailored to your industry. Customize your experience to suit your specific needs, ensuring that the insights you glean are not just data points, but catalysts for growth and innovation.

Unmatched Support and Continuous Optimization: Benefit from our unwavering commitment to your success, manifested in 24/7 monitoring, support, and continuous optimization of your data warehouse solution. Rest assured, knowing that your data infrastructure is not just maintained, but constantly enhanced.

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