Bringing various sources of data together into a single integrated view of the marketing landscape and the consumer response.
The process of harmonising all this data is complex with so much available in so many different formats.

The Retail Score has invested significantly in our data ecosystem and built integrations into a vast array of data sources.

These integrations allow TRS to integrate core sales data (from the ERP) with critical marketing data assets and build targeted KPIs and concise visualisations.
Having enabled above the line marketing measurement, we also help marketeers understand ‘below the line’ marketing activity.

Customer Segmentation & Integrations

TRS can help marketeers with customer segmentation and profiles based on customised shopping rules. We create customer lifecycle metrics that can measure retained versus lapsed customers over time.

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We can also feed these segments and KPIs to 3rd party applications such as EDM or CRM tools.

Know where to look to get the greatest return on your data insights.