Introducing TRS Cubed

A solution for power users who spend a lot of time working with data, want to build their own reports and perform ad hoc data queries. Pull data and build reports directly from the data warehouse using a powerful Cube connected via MS Excel Pivot Tables.

Key Benefits:

How Does It Work

The Cube is a highly structured database that contains all the dimension defined in the data warehouse and all the measures and calculations linked to those dimensions.

The combination of pivot functionality and this structured Cube ensure users can pull any information they need.

This in turn allows the user to:

Key Benefits:

See sales alongside stock, purchases or any other measure, including stock back through time!

View cross dimensional reporting e.g. Product Sales Mix by Channel

Build reports that automatically update on refresh e.g. a report for Last Week or Yesterday

Populate existing reports with data from the TRS Cube

Create unlimited reports, visualisations, and ad hoc queries

View unlimited time calendars and time aggregates including relative periods e.g WTD, MTD, YTD

And it is FAST – tRS Cubed is purpose built for retail and is tuned to the types of queries retailers need to ask.

Know where to look to get the greatest return on your data insights.