User Roles

We cater to all areas of your business.
tRS provides essential data insights and metrics for all roles across the business, enabling a data-driven organization with a single version of the truth.


Streamline financial management with integrated data from sales to inventory, enabling accurate forecasting and budget control.


Access a holistic view of the business, from inventory efficiency to sales performance, for informed strategic planning.

Data Analysts

Analyze trends across multiple data sources to derive actionable insights for business growth and customer engagement.

Merchandise Planners

Optimize product assortment and inventory levels by analyzing sales trends and market demand, ensuring the right products are available at the right time.


Create targeted campaigns by leveraging customer data, enhancing engagement and driving sales growth.

Retail Operations

Improve in-store experiences through efficient management of staffing, inventory, and customer traffic data.


Overlay CRM data with sales to gain insights into customer behavior and sales conversion metrics.

Supply Chain

Understand the upcoming needs on the supply chain by monitoring and managing inventory data in real-time.


Provide critical infrastructure to the business supporting the analytics needs of the business.

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