Seemlessly integrate ERP sales & fulfilment data with third party data feeds such as GA4, Meta, Shopify & more.

Insights Made Easy

The Retail Score’s Google Analytics Integration enables eCommerce and digital Marketing teams to integrate traffic, conversion and advertising expenditure data sourced from Google Analytics into the tRS data warehouse.

eCommerce teams are able to socialise business-critical performance data to key executives in visual dashboards through the through tRS Portal or, for more in-depth analysis, in the tRS Cube.

Compare ecommerce performance against other channels such as physical stores and understand customer end-to-end journey from digital to store network.

Measure ROAS

Users can view Meta data, core sales data and other data relating to digital advertising spend.
Benchmark digital advertising spend against core sales data from your ERP rather than inflated agency-derived sales revenue.
Retail Operations managers need clear, concise and relevant operational insights for their teams, be they Area Managers or Store Managers.
The Retail Score has dozens of pre-defined insights, and we structure the data to reflect the way you view your business. Your calendar, your product definitions, your channels and regions, your customer segments.
Executives need to enable their people to use information to take action. This means having access to the right insights at the right time. Data needs to be updated rapidly and frequently, content needs to be securely shared and that content needs to be targeted at roles and functions At the Retail Score, that is what we do.

What’s Included

The Google Analytic Data Integration Services Extension includes:
Loading and management of selected data sourced from google Analytics APIs loaded into the tRS Data Warehouse. This includes the integration of data into other critical data points e.g calendar, locations.
Data extracted include:

Data Integration:
Google Analytics