Streamline reporting of sales & financial results through the integration of transaction level sales, stock & general ledger data.

An Integrated
Single Version of the Truth

The Retail Score efficiently integrates your operational and financial data sources for finance teams to develop balanced scorecards, aiding critical decisions like staffing and inventory management. Recognizing the needs of diverse stakeholders, from investors to executives, the platform ensures data accuracy and provides one version of the truth.


Use tRS Cubed to build an unlimited number of financial reports that can be refreshed on demand or on a scheduled basis. 

Take advantage of the automated reporting platform within tRS Admin to distribute reports to third parties based on data refresh or on a regularly periodic, time-bound basis (e.g Monday morning, 2pm trading update etc.)

Take the Pain
Out of Planning

Financial planning is a critical task for all retail CFO’s.

Effective planning requires the blending of multiple data sources (sales, stock, general ledger, payroll etc.) combined with:

  • The right data structures
  • The right metrics and calculations
  •  Planning tools that support multiple plan production & comparison
  • The ability to publish/report on final plans to key stakeholders
tRS has the capabilities to support all of the above. 
Retail Operations managers need clear, concise and relevant operational insights for their teams, be they Area Managers or Store Managers.
The Retail Score has dozens of pre-defined insights, and we structure the data to reflect the way you view your business. Your calendar, your product definitions, your channels and regions, your customer segments.
Executives need to enable their people to use information to take action. This means having access to the right insights at the right time. Data needs to be updated rapidly and frequently, content needs to be securely shared and that content needs to be targeted at roles and functions At the Retail Score, that is what we do.

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