Introducing TRS Portal

The TRS Portal is your first destination for the information and insights about your retail business. Deep-dive into the business issues that matter using predefined reports purpose built for retail and wholesale.

Built for the Business, Customised for the User

  • Customise your KPIs
  • Customise Report Views using Sort, Filters,
  • Add/Remove facts
  • My View – Set default filters at the user level
  • Light/Dark themes
  • My Reports favourites folder

Insights built for Retail

The Portal contains dozens of predefined insights that tightly focussed around a broad range of business issues .
Insights are grouped into modules that reflect the operations of retail. The emphasis is on the business issues that drive retail, with analyses designed to provide both the “what”, “where” and “why”.

There are specific reporting modules for -

Product Gallery

A purpose-built solution for Retail Planners and Buyers. The Product Gallery provides a visualisation of assortment combined with a broad set of data to deliver ranging insights.

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Know where to look to get the greatest return on your data insights.