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Successful retailing requires a highly functional executive team underpinned by the right data sets, and everyone working off the same sheet!


Retail Finance departments need to access a broad range of data assets. They are often called on to the be the arbiters of truth across both the P&L as well as…

Planners & Buyers

Planners needs to be able to see at an aggregate level and down to sku what products are selling across geography, channel and location, as well as…

Data Analysts

Retail Data Analysts today are required to provide a 360-degree view of the retail business. They need full flexibility to look across a vast array of different…

Retail Operations

Retail Operations managers need clear, concise and relevant operational insights for their teams, be they Area Managers or Store Managers.


Marketing Executives within the retail world need to understand how customers respond to the different messages promoted to them.


Ecommerce managers want to see sales based on when the customer shops (demand Sales) so they can overlay critical marketing and site…

Supply Chain

Supply chain executives need to have a lens both on what is coming in and what is going out.


A well designed, stable and accurate data warehouse, reporting and analytics solution is considered critical infrastructure for most retailers.

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