The Problem

Finance teams need full flexibility to report on operational data, but they also need the same flexibility to report on the General Ledger

They may also need a platform that can blend these two data sets together to create a balanced scorecard for operational teams. They need to be able to maintain accurate forecasts and share content with others to drive critical business decisions (like store staffing levels, open to buy).

Finance also have a broad range of constituents that need information. Be it daily investor updates, board packs or executive summaries, Finance teams are the ‘go-to’ resource for this critical data.

And the numbers have to be right! Data accuracy is always a challenge for retailers.

The Retail Score works with hundreds of retail finance executives to deliver accurate, integrated reporting using the full suite of reporting options available. 

In many instances, The Retail Score is bought in by Finance to solve this challenge and drive efficiency through the organisation.

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Typical Data integration

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