Executive Reporting

An executive team can only function successfully if it is supported by consistent, accurate data.
The Retail Score’s primary function is to ensure there is a Single Integrated Version of the Truth.

There are 3 enablers for Effective Reporting

Step 1: Efficiency

Time is precious and sitting in meeting debating the accuracy of number really is a horrible waste of time. Accessing information should be a click away… and it needs to be correct.

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Step 2: Insights

The Retail Score has dozens of pre-defined insights, and we structure the data to reflect the way you view your business.
Your calendar, your product definitions, your channels and regions, your customer segments.

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Step 3: Actions

Executives need to enable their people to use information to take action. This means having access to the right insights at the right time.
Data needs to be updated rapidly and frequently, content needs to be securely shared and that content needs to be targeted at roles and functions
At the Retail Score, that is what we do.

Know where to look to get the greatest return on your data insights.